Thursday, 12 June 2014


Term Four has arrived with the Sunshine!

Welcome back to all our students and families to Term 4. We hope you all had a relaxing holiday break and had some time with your children.
Isn't it lovely to see the sun?
This term will see us exploring ideas around globalisation. Rooms 10, 11 and 12 will be looking in particular leaders who have changed our world for the better. Rooms 8 and 9 will use the lens of the Christchurch Earthquake to explore how society has adapted and changed because of it.
"It has been said that arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity."

Notes and Reminders.

Slip, Slap, Slop - Please ensure that your child brings their hat to school now that we have welcomed the sunshine back.
Sunscreen needs to be applied 20 minutes before sun exposure, so perhaps apply this before school starts each day.
Correct summer school uniform is expected to be worn. Check the syndicate newsletter for full details.
Wednesday wheels day is back – scooters, bikes and skateboards can be bought in on Wednesday’s to be ridden on the courts at lunchtime and morning tea. Helmets are required.


Welcome to Term 3!

Welcome back to a brand new term, it seems that winter is finally upon us. The colder, wetter weather also means the arrival of colds, runny noses and nasty bugs. Please make sure that your child has a sweatshirt for outside play as well as a jacket for coming to and from school.  
This term we are learning all about cultural diversity and to kick start this inquiry we are going to Pataka museum on Tuesday the 29th to look at art works from Tonga and to participate in creating art works of our own.
To ensure that this trip happens, we need parent helpers so please consider coming along for what will be a fun, educational day out.

Tonga ‘i Onopooni: Tonga Contemporary

Pataka is delighted to present Tonga ‘i Onopooni: Tonga Contemporary, an exhibition of work by thirteen Tongan New Zealand artists. From sculpture to painting, photography, video and installation, the exhibition showcases the strength and vitality of their work. This groundbreaking exhibition is the first to focus exclusively on the work of artists of Tongan heritage living in New Zealand and is guest curated by art historian and curator Nina Kinahoi Tonga.



Tomorrow is the big day for Room's 8, 9 and 12. All the students are excited about their new learning spaces  - teacher's too!
In case you missed the note, Mr Long's is moving from Room 12 to Room 9, Ms Davidson is moving from Room 9 to Room 8 and Mrs Peirce is moving from Room 8 to Room 12.
Hopefully this move will give the older year 4/5 children a liitle bit more wriggle room.
Please pop in and have a look, I'm sure your children will be excited to show you around.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Welcome to the Middle Syndicate's New Blog

Hello and welcome to our new Blog.
We intend to use this space to provide parents and students with information about up and coming events, to showcase student work and to provide a space where students, parents and teachers can share, find and celebrate being part of the middle syndicate at St Brendan's.

You will also notice that each classroom has a page for their own contributions as well as a calendar page for events and an information page that has school wide details.

Enjoy getting to know our Blog and please leave us a comment.