What an exciting end to the Unihoc season.
Today was the last game for the year and saw all our teams work really hard and do well. The Blacksticks had a very exciting game that went into extra time before Silverstream slipped a sneaky goal in the win 4-3.
Our newcomers The Buzzers, also had a second place which considering their inexperience was outstanding.
The Bombers were graded in the A grade and fought hard but just couldn't hold off a victory for Upper Hutt School and ended up 5th in a difficult grade. Well done to you all!

The St Brendan's Blacksticks

Unihoc is now well into it's season and our teams are working hard.

Unihoc Term 3 & 4 2014

St Brendan's Blacksticks
Joseph C
Ben Allan (sub Matthew Jensen as at week 3 term 4)
Huw M
Kate A
Tiana W
Cade M
St Brendans Buzzers
Dylan M
James D
Chloe C
Jamie C
Ashton H
St Brendan's Bombers
Louie P
Tom P
Max P
Joey P
Sean B

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