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Term 4

We've hit Term 4 running with a busy term ahead!
Our main topic this term is Globalisation - focusing on Inspiring World Leaders and Saints.
We have defined Globalisation as "something that started locally and nationally and that has become global - world wide."

On Tuesday we participated in an exciting cup pyramid challenge in groups.  We had to work together to create a pyramid of paper cups, but the twist was, we couldn't touch the cups with our hands or any part of our body.  We had to use a rubber band and string!
It was lots of fun but hard work.  This made it very clear to us, the importance of working together and how some people naturally take on roles of leadership.

The girls found it even harder to get the cup off the floor and back onto the table!

This group did a great job working together and managed to complete the task twice in the time it took the others!

We enjoyed a lively conversation after the activity, discussing how different group members showed leadership characteristics.  These are some of the characteristics we decided leaders show -
Leadership Characteristics:

  • Encouraging
  • Listen to everyone
  • Suggest ideas
  • Bossy
  • Loud
  • Inclusive
  • Gives feedback in a positive way
  • Gives instructions
ROOM 10 & 11 - Garden group.

We put on our hats and went to the garden and talked about what we wanted to do with our garden plot, like planting vegetables.
We opened the shed and got out the wheelbarrow for the weeds and got some tools; garden fork, trowel and watering cans.
We buddied-up and then weeded the middle garden closest to the courts.  This is how we found the experience:
“It was hard to get the little green weeds and bits out” Joey
“It was hard making sure that we got all the roots out so that they don’t grow again” Sophia
“Sometimes we had to work together to get a stubborn root out” Joshua
“It was fun watering the soil” Maxx
“It was fun when you got the roots out but hard because there were so many people” Huw
“It was easy pulling out the little weeds” Jose
We packed up and put the tools away where we got them and came back to class to write in this diary.


Term 2

We're nearly at the end of Term 2 - it seems to have flown by with 9 weeks of action packed learning!

Our main theme for the term has been "Sustainability"
We have learnt about Natural Resources and how these are renewable and non-renewable.  We collected rubbish from our classroom over a 5 day period and discovered that we throw mostly paper and food scraps into the rubbish.

We have worked in different groups to make a difference to future generations:

Sealife Group - have made posters reminding us to put our rubbish in the bin and are off to Petone Beach to do a rubbish clean up.

Trees & Animals Group - have made a fantastic powerpoint to highlight the importance of caring for plants and trees in our environment.  They have also interviewed Mrs Banks regarding the plan for the new trees on the school field and are excited to report that these are going to be planted over the holidays!

Electricity Power Group - have come up with ideas for how we can save power and why this is important.  Check out the challenge to see what you can do around home or at work!

Compost & Worm Farm Group - have been working with the gardening extension group and will be implementing a school worm farm from the beginning of next term which is very exciting.

Paper Recycling Group - have written to Mrs Banks and the Board of Trustees regarding the possibility of paper recycling at St Brendan's.  They have also come up with a checklist for how we can reuse and reduce paper use in the classroom.

It has been fantastic to see all the great ideas that everyone has come up with.

Check back soon to see photos and pictures of what we've created!

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  1. Great blog, very informative. Nice to see what's been happening in class, and what's coming up too :o)