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This term the over arching theme is sustainability. Staying true to authentic learning the children have been proactive in deciding what areas interest them most and they have had to think about ways in which their topics link to other areas of the curriculum such as literacy, mathematics, science, technology and so on.
I am in the process of arranging an educational visit and will send out a letter as soon as I can.

Buddy Mass Rooms 2, 9 and 10 Tuesday 21st October

This morning Rooms 2, 9 and 10 took part in a Buddy Mass centering around the theme of Missions.
 It was fantastic to see so many friends and family there to share this special time with us.
The gifts that were presented to Father Mateo  are going to the Children`s Ward of Hutt Hospital and we hope that the presents and card will help to cheer up the children.

A delicious Shared Morning Tea followed, which was enjoyed by all.
We would like to thank Father Mateo and all those members of our families who took the time to attend.

Friday 24th October
"I had my 11th birthday on Wednesday and I enjoyed playing with my friends at school." Matthew 

"I enjoyed doing Tikanga Maori with Todd and Claire."Jazmin

"I am proud of my art work in the style of Mondrain." Angelo

Congratulations to Joey, Alex,Tom, Kaitlin, Jack, Fleur and Ashlin for moving up to the next spelling group.

Congratulations to Joey, Jack, Tom, Josh.M, Kaitlin, Charli, Victoria, Ashlin, Fiti and  Huw for being selected to represent St. Brendan`s at the inter school athletics.

Well done to Joseph, Josh.M and Huw for doing very well in the Position and Co-ordination post test we got 100%.

Farewell to Ben who will be spending the next 10 weeks in England. We wish him and his family a good and safe trip and a Happy Christmas. 

This blog was typed by Huw, Joseph and Kaitlin.

Friday 31st October 2014

Congratulations to James, Kaitlin and Geneva for achieving their full pen licence and to Josh M, Fleur, Joseph, Elijah and Charli for moving up a stage in handwriting.

This week we started gardening with room 11 in our own garden bed. We have planted lettuce, tomato, spinach and silver beet.

We have also been learning some Samoan with Malo and a song in Samoan called Jesus wants me for a sun beam and a prayer in Samoan.

Written by Angelo, Sophia and Josh.M  

Friday 28th November 2014 

This week we had loads of fun dancing and learning about community with the ICPE team.
They did a play about a Shepard with 5 sheep and they are priceless one of a kind and precious to him. They all have special talents and together they build a strong stable house which they all live in together. They showed us some songs with some actions which we followed. We also got split into groups of about 20 and completed a puzzle in our groups. We ended the day with a shared lunch! 



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  2. I`ve had a great year this year at st brendans and I`m sad I`m leaving but at the same time excited to be going to my new school. In room 10 this year I`ve had heaps of fun doing all these cool activities and having fun with my friends and class mates : ) !!!